The Vision

Modern, Historical, Mystical, Futuristic and Nostalgic Short Stories of fiction from Scotland

The Vision is a collection of fictitious short stories, some of which have been previously published elsewhere. However, they have now been updated and amended from earlier versions.

They include stories that are mystical, nostalgic, action-packed, historic and even futuristic, and all reflect Scotland’s past, as it is today and how it might be in the future


The Vision

     The mystical Scottish Guardians and their folklore allies are forced to fight against a modern-day development that could seriously affect the lives and livelihoods of many throughout the Highlands and Islands. The only way this could be addressed is with the co-operation of a young couple. Only they can undertake the required actions. The action centres around Lewis, Skye, and Aberdeen.

New Beginnings – a sequel to The Vision

     Following on from the events in the Vision, a sudden and unexpected situation developed in Scotland. The Scottish oil industry takes a serious downturn as the oil price plummets and peoples’ livelihoods are greatly affected. Could the mystical forces be of assistance again? The story, with Chinese involvement, moves this time between Aberdeen, Orkney, and Lewis.

The Witch of Kintyre

     Strange events occur on the Kintyre peninsula as well as on the island of Gigha off the Kintyre peninsula. They are investigated and clarified by a young family who recently moved to the area from Glasgow.

     It is a story of a hardship and a growing love between a young couple. In addition to Kintyre and Gigha the story also moves to the wonderfully scenic island of Islay on the west coast of Scotland.

Captain Oliphant

     A nostalgic and fictional journey back to the Royal Burgh of Rothesay as it was in the early sixties and the days of going “Doon the Watter” to busy holiday resorts on the River Clyde.

     The story centres on the escapades of two young boys and their meetings with a crusty old seafarer who has apparently travelled the world in the Merchant Navy after the Second World War as well as being a crew member on various Clyde steamers of the time.

The Freedom Price

     An action story encapsulating some of the major international issues of today and travels from the middle east to the Scottish Island of Mull before heading eventually for Glasgow.

     It introduces two young island PCs and their exploits as they follow the action before it is finally ended in the city.

An Eventful Storm

     The Mull PCs are again in the thick of the action as the island is struck by a terrible storm. Chaos ensues as the main island ferry from the mainland, a group of young mountaineers, and the Island of Iona all suffer together with some surprise visitors and leisure shipping in Tobermory harbour. An unusual event also takes place in Fingal’s Cave on the island of Staffa  

The Bean Nighe

     Set in the time of the great Somerled of the Isles, a young man experiences many personal losses as he travels with Somerled and becomes a close and trusted part of his entourage as that man seeks to rid the Scottish islands of Viking invaders.

     As well as battles, the action also visits Loch Sunart, Oban and the island of Islay and ends at Renfrew by the River Clyde

The Silver Lady of the Glen

      A man walks through a lonely glen in western Scotland and believes he has seen an old woman and her croft. The woman asks for help but then asks him to leave. He does so but decides to investigate. No-one knows of her and when the man returns with his wife to try to find the croft, they only find a dilapidated small building that hadn’t been lived in for some time.

     Events then take a strange and unsuspected turn.

All stories copyright Ian Couper 2021

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