ROBERT BURNS: For Love and Liberty

The story of Robert Burns in ROBERT BURNS: For Love and Liberty– a major drama about the life of the extraordinary and popular national bard of Scotland – by Madalena Cocozza, Paul Gleeson and Ian Couper

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Our inspirational and anthemic song LIBERTY can be heard here:

Vibrant, Incisive, Rollicking, and yet Tender. “ROBERT BURNS: For Love and Liberty” will undoubtedly appeal to producers and directors who have vision and determination, and will have a ready market all around the world, especially USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and other countries where Scots have made their mark. His songs and poetry, of course, are recognised and adored all round the world and “ROBERT BURNS: For Love and Liberty” brings the story of Burns to life.

“ROBERT bURNS: For Love And Liberty” portrays the colourful and eventful life of this hugely influential young man, Scotland’s national bard, with its relevant messages for today – standing against  the misused forces of power, patriotism, brotherhood of man, and equality for all. It will be a major production that satisfies a worldwide demand for knowledge about what drove and influenced this low-born talented young man to rise to the heights of national and international fame, only to fall to illness and poverty.

Play copyright Cocozza 2021, Music copyright Couper and Gleeson 2021

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