An Idyllic Hebridean Island

These stories are born out of the very many experiences that I, my friends and family have enjoyed in the Hebrides over many years ranging from the late 60s to the current time.

All have their own wonderful attractions of scenery, unspoilt beaches and warm, welcoming local people… but they have also had more than their fair share of incidents, disasters and hardship.




Never on a Sunday

A new car ferry is proposed to link the island to the mainland. Many can see the obvious benefits to the island community, but others are driven by traditional attitudes and wariness of change. It all comes to a head as animosities between the islanders threaten to disrupt a way of life and a potentially prosperous future.

The Stranger

A strangely attired visitor causes concern and puzzlement amongst the local population, and for a while the idyllic way of life on the island seems to be under threat. The matter is resolved in a humorous manner to the satisfaction of everyone concerned.

Ship in distress

The weather in the Hebrides can be harsh and wild, occasionally causing many disasters in the seas all around. Such was the case with a nearby major incident and the fateful events that occurred to a ship in distress and the lifeboat that sailed through mounting seas to reach the stricken vessel. Inevitable tragedy strikes that will affect the island greatly.

An Island Dispute

An inter-island dispute grows in importance and resultant actions between Lassa and the neighbouring island of Culla. By chance an unusual method of resolving the dispute presents itself with hilarious results.

Iain’s eventful summer

A well-respected local man who features in some of the earlier stories becomes embroiled in a series of events that all happened during one summer at the start of the 70s. By coincidence he has also decided to stand for parliament and his canvassing soon becomes affected by the various incidents


Return to Lassa

The next generation, a daughter of the late Iain Donaldson mentioned earlier, decides to visit the island that had been home for many years to her father. On arrival she immediately becomes embroiled in a further adventure set around an innovative renewable energy project. It also leads to a major career opportunity in serving the island as well as a new love interest.

An Island Disaster

A major catastrophe occurs on the island, highlighting the problems that might be faced by remote populations and locations in trying to quickly attend to major incidents that occur in their close vicinity. It also illustrates the rapid community assistance and creative thinking that can come to the fore in these situations.

Fishing for Submarines

The remoteness of the Hebrides from the centres of parliament in Edinburgh and especially Westminster are illustrated in this story. A major local event occurs but the further from it is from centres of population and decision-making the less interest there is in it… till someone forces the issue

Initiatives and New Beginnings

In the final story of the book some new potential business initiatives that could ultimately benefit the island’s economy are discussed and progressed. The local population including a locally successful businessman and a Scottish Government Minister, both married to each other, lead the willing residents of Lassa in grasping these opportunities.

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