For Love and Liberty – DRAMA SAMPLES

Drama (with Samples)

A vibrant and rollicking play, packed full of the major events and influences of his life.

“For Love and Liberty” is a penetrating  portrayal of the defining events of Robert’s life – His desire to be appreciated by his father / His sharp political ideas that embraced national and international affairs / His struggle with his own class and the one he aspired to / His public distaste of the oppressive “kirk” philosophies / His genuine love for women, some more than others and one in particular / His death in abject poverty, and desertion by former friends… and the wonderful artistic vision which translates itself into some of the finest poems and songs ever written, with many recognised in all corners of the world

Scene Sample – “So ye were there Jean Armour”

Scene Sample – “Your Damned tae HELL”

Scene Sample – “Ye ken ma’ faither hates ye”

Scene Sample – He’s maybe written a verse or twa on you

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