Synopsis – Fishing for Submarines

Features The Clearances, Emigration to the New World (and how one family is affected), contemporary Scottish stories, folklore, and nostalgia for the Scottish islands in the 60s and 70s.

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Safe and Sound – The Clearances

The second part of a trilogy – see FREE AS THE WIND. Nearly seventy years after the famous battle of Culloden the next generations of the two sides of the MacPherson family from Sutherland are still hating each other. This time the story is set at the time of the Clearances and details how one side of the family has been forced from their home. They have to leave behind the beloved land that their family has lived on for many generations. They also have to leave some of their own family.

Safe and Sound – The Emigration

Final part of a trilogy. One half of the feuding MacPherson family have been forced to move from their tenancy in Sutherland. Some of the family decide to stay in Helmsdale but others with much regret decide to leave for the new world to try to seek their fortune and a better life for themselves. This story features the hardships they meet on the journey as well as what meets them when they arrive at their destination.

Captain Oliphant

The 1960s on the delightful island of Bute on Scotland’s west coast. The last great years of travelling “doon the watter” from Glasgow. Two young boys meet with a ships’ captain who has worked on various types of ships including Clyde “puffers” and famous Clyde steamers… or did he?

An Island Disaster

Set on the fictitious island of Lassa. A major tragedy severely stretches island resources and depicts efforts undertaken by the Scottish Government, local islanders and others. Features Jane McKechnie MSP. introduced in FREE AS THE WIND.

Fishing for Submarines

A further serious event based on Lassa for Jane McKechnie MSP to attend to. This time she tussles with the UK Ministry of Defence at Westminster. In doing so she, with help from some of her local constituents, is able to highlight considerations and concerns that affect the ongoing way of island life on the islands.

“Two miles doon the road”

Travels around the Hebrides circa 1970. Includes visits to Skye, Lewis, Harris, the Uists, Benbecula, Barra. Features exploits of four young lads in their event-filled holidays, glorious scenery and people they meet on their travels.


A short thrilling story that moves swiftly from an overseas hotspot to the island of Mull. It moves on to Glasgow encompassing some of the major problem issues of today. It also introduces PC Cameron Liddle and his colleagues.

A Momentous Island Storm

Set again on Mull with Iona and Staffa also featured. A huge storm causes chaos on the islands exacerbated by a series of chaotic incidents. PC Cameron Little features again.

The Bean Nighe

Set in the early 12th century and features Somerled of the Isles, an ambitious man gaining in power and influence throughout the islands and Scotland. It was also a time of folklore tales, one of which was the Bean Nighe

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