Culloden and “Safe and Sound” short story

The last story in my book of Scottish short stories, Free as the Wind, is a story called Safe and Sound. It starts at the end of the battle of Culloden that was fought between the Jacobites and the Government forces in the Scottish Highlands in 1746 and was the last major battle fought in Scotland. The story is mostly about a family feud and progresses to Helmsdale in Sutherland. It is the first part of a trilogy that will be continued in my next book moving forward to the Clearances.
The photos were taken by me at Culloden last year – the Battle of Culloden monument, one of the many monument stones commemorating the clans, and the Leanach thatched croft-house that stands in the battlefield area.
I’ve also written a song “Safe and Sound” a short demo of which can be found in the music page of this website as well as a synopsis of my stories and e-book and paperback purchasing options


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