Looking for new, unique and inspirational music material from Scotland?

Contemporary songs reflecting Scottish scenery and history.

These songs were written a few years ago. Some of them were sung live on television and radio as well as in various venues around Scotland. Some of the lyrics also occasionally feature in my books “Free as the Wind” and “Captain Oliphant”


The recording quality of some of these samples is poor but I hope they will inspire musicians, singers, recording companies and recording studios to to consider how they might be able to arrange or record one or more of them in line with personal style or requirement. Other songs are available – please contact me if you would like to discuss of hear samples of these.

Island Lullaby

Delighted with the very many kind and complimentary comments about Island Lullaby from my Facebook links and page – see Free as the Wind page on Facebook

Free as the Wind

Safe and Sound

The Lord of the Isles

The Paddleboat Song

The Witch of Kintyre

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All songs are copyright Ian Couper 2017 and registered with the Performing Rights Society (PRS)