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NOV 2019 – I’m delighted that one of my short stories “The Silver Lady of the Glen” from The Vision has been selected for inclusion in a forthcoming book of short stories entitled Vegan Tales 2.

It should be available for general purchase at the end of the year – more details shortly.

NOV 2019 – I submitted one of my short stories “Captain Oliphant” to the John Byrne Awards and I’m delighted it had been entered for consideration to a short list that will be announced in February. It comes under my question for consideration “What is the value of nostalgia” and my submission can be seen here.…/what-is-the-value-of-no…/
You can also use the following link to see the synopsis of others that are included in The Vision

DEC 2019 – Delighted that this book is now available containing my short story The Silver Lady of the Glen – see – a futuristic world will have no meat 

JAN 2020 – My short story THE FREEDOM PRICE see The Vision – is currently being considered for a TV production, and The Crushing of Thistles is being considered for publication while LASSA is being considered separately. I’ve also now started to write a sequel to The Crushing of Thistles, provisionally titled Thistles Grow Again

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