Author’s Message

Having lived in Scotland all my life and travelled to all parts of this wonderfully scenic country with its very proud history, I have been taking the opportunity to write short stories based on my experiences in work and travel that I hope will stir the reader’s imagination with warmth, humour, and pathos.
My stories of fiction include contemporary issues, nostalgia, folklore, mysticism, and fiction around momentous events in Scotland’s history – including the aftermath of the battle of Culloden, the Highland Clearances, and Emigration to the New World – see the drop-down menu when clicking the “Books” header on the BOOKS page to access synopsis of “Free as the Wind”, and “Fishing for Submarines.”
My upcoming books “A Thistle Crushed” and “LASSA” can be seen at IN PREPARATION
My music is a sort of cross between folk and light rock, and over the years while I played in a band, some of my songs were played live on radio and TV. I would now hope to hear from interested musicians, record companies and other interested parties who may see possibilities for my music – see MUSIC
If you’re interested in Robert Burns and would like to find out about our play Robert Burns: For Love and Liberty see ROBERT BURNS
Kind Regards