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Pure escapism, wonderful engaging short stories and contemporary music from the beautiful Scottish Highlands and Islands as well as from Scotland’s history

Synopsis and sample text from my first book “Free as the Wind”  available HERE

Free as the Wind – Contemporary and dramatic story-lines, enchanting Scottish folklore, vibrant Scottish scenery, nostalgic Scottish island tales,  Hebridean adventures, an island tragedy, and a short story around a family feud in  the immediate aftermath of the battle of Culloden


“Just to say enjoying reading your book. Excellent stories. Downloaded last week on Kindle and spent my four days off reading, and looking forward to the rest” – Raymond Low

“Free as the Wind” Scottish Short Stories. I’m reading it now and enjoying it very much…. The stories are good and I’m enjoying them, Ian. I think you’re a very good writer indeed, and I’m looking forward to the sequel you’re working on now.”  – Susan Weber Maurer

“Currently reading the book enjoying it much…” Marsha McGlennen

“Just started reading your book Ian and enjoying all the short stories and the characters.” Ann Grant

Listen to me speaking in a radio interview about my writing and songs on North Highland Radio in the link below.

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