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My writings are mainly Scottish historical drama depicting important and infamous events from Scotland’s past, but also include some short stories, mystical stories, and warm stories of a fictitious island. See below

My MUSIC is about Scotland and Scottish interest subjects

I am a collaborator in a major drama with music on the life of Robert Burns – ROBERT BURNS-For Love and Liberty


THE CRUSHING OF THISTLES – historical drama based around a momentous period of 150 years. It starts with a huge financial disaster of the Darien project that led to the Union with England. This was followed by the Jacobite uprisings, the Highland Clearances, and emigration to the New World. The bright and innovative period of the Scottish Enlightenment also occurred during this period.

The events are all linked through generations of families and friends. SYNOPSIS


THISTLES RISE AGAIN – historical drama sequel beginning from where THE CRUSHING OF THISTLES ended. The story continues though destitution and social change, the war years, industrial development, and political change leading to the re-establishment of Scotland’s parliament. SYNOPSIS

LASSA – delightful, warm, and nostalgic two-part story of events on a fictitious island. Short stories around life in the 60s and then more up to date covering both laughable as well as disastrous happenings. SYNOPSIS

THE VISION – a collection of fictitious short stories reflecting the mystical side of Scotland’s history but also adapted to more contemporary issues such as the oil and renewable energy industries. Faeries, witches, visions, and selkies all appear within different stories. SYNOPSIS

100 FAVOURITE SCOTTISH SONGS – Memorable song lyrics sung over many generations during the 50s 60s, 70s, 80, and 90s at Scottish house parties, in music halls, in folk clubs, and handed down from parents to children.

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