The following books are now complete and available for publication, and our drama with music about the enthralling life of Robert Burns FOR LOVE AND LIBERTY is now being promoted.

My Scottish themed original music is also sampled at MUSIC, and I welcome enquiries regarding its potential use

THE CRUSHING OF THISTLESMomentous years in Scotland’s history from the infamous Darien scheme, the Union with England, Jacobite Rebellion, dark days of the Highland Clearances to Emigration away from Scotland

THISTLES RISE AGAIN is the sequel to The Crushing of Thistles and details in dramatic form the return to Scotland’s own parliament. It also encompasses wars, crofting, church disruption, and social changes.

LASSA – decades of life on an idyllic fictional Scottish Hebridean Island – thought provoking, hilarious, joyous, and eventful.

THE VISION – a collection of Scottish fictional short stories ranging from mystical to historical to futuristic

All books are copyright Ian Couper 2020

FOR LOVE AND LIBERTY is our enthralling drama with original music depicting the life of Scotland’s renowned and iconic ROBERT BURNS

Robert Burns: FOR LOVE AND LIBERTY: SCRIPT copyright Cocozza 2020, MUSIC copyright Gleeson and Couper 2020, all rights reserved. Music registered with Performing Rights Society

“Just started reading your book Ian and enjoying all the short stories and the characters.” Ann Grant

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